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Freedom in Paradise Restaurant and Beach Bar

Freedom Restaurant Freedom in Paradise is as much a state of mind as it is a place. Situated on the southern corner of Cozumel, it’s a favourite of the locals who flock there on their days off to escape for a few hours. The stunning and romantic open ocean vista makes Freedom the perfect place to walk on the beach, watch the sun dance on the waves or just unwind after a hectic day chasing deals downtown.

bob marleys view Just drop into a hammock, breathe out and feel the stress evaporate as you check out the menu while sipping a fruity tropical drink or a cold beer. For the ultimate in relaxation, wander up to our second floor where we offer massages to the accompaniment of reggae music and the soothing roar of the surf as it crashes on the shore.

rastas barRight across the street, you'll find our sister restaurant, Rastas. Here you will find the same excellent seafood and mexican specialities on the menu as well as a souvenir shop.

Bob Marley bar Cozumel

The Restaurants Freedom in Paradise and Rasta's
are located on the southern tip of the island next
to the entrance to Punta Sur Park.
Just follow the coastal road south.

fresh seafood

Hang out with the staff, cuddle with your significant other in a hammock or make new friends.
Don’t be surprised if one of the owners, Sylvia or William Sr., come around to say hello.
Either way, do not miss the opportunity to sample the simple gastronomic delights of the Caribbean’s best ceviche, fried fish and shrimp quesadillas.
Sylvia Marley William Marley

The Rasta Shop




 bob marley merchandising

Hair Braiding and
Henna Tatoos

The rasta massages

Available Monday through Saturday